How to Burn Apple Music Tracks to Audio CDs

After reading this article, you will find the best way to burn Apple Music tracks to audio CDs and say goodbye to the old days that you can't burn any Apple Music tracks to any CD.

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Since the launch of Apple Music, the number of users has been rising. So far, Apple Music has more than 65 million users, which means that users who are not satisfied with listening to Apple Music on authorized devices are also increasing. For example, there are a lot of people who still enjoy listening to music with CDs. Although the sales of CD albums in recent years have dropped a lot compared to the past, this does not mean that the CD is not important in our lives anymore. Listening to music on PCs or CD players or even on cars is still a popular way to relax.

Table of contents
1. Listening to Music in CDs is Still Popular
2. How to Burn Your Apple Music Songs to CDs with iTunes?
3. TuneKeep Audio Converter is Required to Burn Apple Music to CDs
4. Simple Guide of TuneKeep Apple Music Converter

Listening to Music in CDs is Still Popular

Among the 65 million users of Apple Music, a large number of users hope to burn their favorite Apple Music songs to CD. Some of them are audio CD enthusiasts who always love to enjoy music on CD players, some are music lovers who want to play Apple Music songs on their car CD players, some are users who want to share their favorite Apple Music songs through CDs instead of cold and bored "links". In general, burning Apple Music songs to CDs is needed for many Apple Music users. But Apple Music does not seem to be willing to meet the needs of users.

In this article, we will share with you how to burn Apple Music songs to CDs via iTunes. And we will also show you what happens if you want to burn downloaded Apple Music songs directly to a CD.

How to Burn Your Apple Music Songs to CDs with iTunes?

If you are going to burn some songs in common format like MP3 or M4A to CDs via iTunes, it could be easy. You can create a new playlist in iTunes and add the songs you want into it, right-click on the playlist and you will find a "Burn Playlist to Disc" selection. Click on it and the Burn Setting dialog will pop up. You can set it according to your needs, and click the "Burn" button to start burning them to the CD. The simple method mentioned above is just the practice of burning MP3 files or other common format files to CD. What if you want to burn a playlist with some MP3 files and some Apple Music encrypted files in it? Or even a playlist that all songs in it are encrypted Apple Music songs?

Apple Music to CD

In the first case, if you right-click on the playlist, you will find the "Burn Playlist to Disc" selection as well, but once you hit it with joy, you will end up with disappointment because iTunes will pop-up a warning dialog that shows "Some of the files cannot be burned to an Audio CD. Do you still want to burn the remainder of this playlist", If you continue to look at the details below, you will see a prompt like this: "the track is an Apple Music song and cannot be burned to disc". If you choose to continue burning at this time, the burning process will continue to start. But the Apple Music songs you added will not be burned to the CD as you wish.

What about the second situation? If you want to burn a playlist with all encrypted Apple Music songs contained, you can't even find the "Burn Playlist to Disc " button when you right-click on this playlist.

Well, here comes the problem. Can users burn Apple Music songs to CDs, no matter use iTunes or not? We can actually burn Apple Music songs to CDs via iTunes or other burning programs with the help of TuneKeep Apple Music Converter.

TuneKeep Apple Music Converter is Required to Burn Apple Music to CDs

You can use TuneKeep Apple Music Converter to convert Apple Music's encrypted M4P files to plain M4A, MP3 or other formats that can be burned to CDs. The reasons why TuneKeep Apple Music Converters can really help you and deserve your attention are listed below.

Features & Advantages of TuneKeep Audio Converter

  • Convert all Apple Music encrypted M4P files to M4A, MP3, etc. files for burning
  • Convert Apple Music songs with 100% original audio quality retained to improve your music enjoyment
  • Retain all ID3 tags like title, album, artist, genre, track number, etc. in output files
  • Convert with 16X faster conversion speed to save your time for waiting, help you get to burning as soon as possible
  • Sort output files with ID3 tags and special characters like slash and underline with ease
  • Batch conversion feature makes it faster and more convenient to burn Apple Music songs to CDs

Simple Guide of TuneKeep Audio Converter

Step 1:Launch TuneKeep Audio Converter

You can find and launch TuneKeep Apple Music Converter on your Windows PC or Mac easily. One thing you need to note that is iTunes (Apple Music Application on macOS 10.15) will be launched simultaneously with Apple Music Converter. After launching, you will find all the playlists being listed in the left panel of Apple Music Converter.

TuneKepp Audio Converter interface

Step 2:Choose Apple Music tracks you want to burn to CDs

As we mentioned above, to make it easier to burn Apple Music songs to CDs, you can create a new playlist first. We suggest you create it in iTunes (Apple Music Application on macOS 10.15) now, and then wdadd the Apple Music songs you want in this playlist. Now click the refresh button in TuneKeep Audio Converter and you will find the playlist you just created. Click this playlist and select all the songs in it by checking the top checkbox.

Choose Apple Music Songs

Step 3:Choose Output format for burning

We suggest you choose MP3 as output format since MP3 can be burn to audio CDs easier and faster, but actually, TuneKeep Audio Converter will choose MP3 as output format by default so you do not need to change it if you want to set MP3 as output format.

Choose MP3 as output

Step 4:Set other options

You can set conversion speed, adjust output volume and make other changes of conversion by clicking the "Options" button. It is quite important to sort output files when you want to burn songs to CDs, you can easily sort or rename your output files by title, artist, album, etc. in Options window.

Audio Converter Options

Step 5: Start converting Apple Music to MP3

When everything is set as you want, you can go to the main interface and click "Convert" button at any time. After a little while, you will get your output plain Apple Music songs in the output folder.

Converting Apple Music

Please go back to iTunes (Apple Music Application on macOS 10.15) and find the playlist you created for burning. Remove all the Apple Music songs in the playlist and add the converted songs in it. Now you can burn Apple Music songs to CD via iTunes with the method mentioned above in this article.


Burning songs to CDs or buy CD albums for listening to music on CD players, cars or computers is a classic and wonderful way to enjoy music and this should not be forgotten by us. TuneKeep Apple Music Converter provides a reliable and professional solution for those who still hope to enjoy music in such a classic way. Actually, TuneKeep Apple Music Converter can do more than this, it can help you with some other problems during using Apple Music. If you are interested, why not just click the button below and start using this software.